Elementary Skiing Course 2006-07
For Indian National
Rates and Date Schedule

Rate: For two weeks package including one week Elementary Skiing course and Sight Seeing of Shimla, Kullu, Manali etc. is Rs. 15,000/- (INR Fifteen Thousand) only.
Package includes: Transportation,
Transportation through II Class Sleeper of Train, Bus/Car, Trekking as and when requied/available and felt justified by the authority of My Planet.
Lodging, Food, Equipments etc.
Excluding: Personal Medicines and other personal belongings.
Note: Luggage should be compact in one Ruck Sack only.

Date Schedule:
1) 22nd January to 5th February of 2007
2) 10th February to 24th February of 2007
3) 16th February to 1st March of 2007
4) 23rd February to 8th February of 2007